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Radiosonde Recovery Reports

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Radiosonde V2841554 recovered by Ik1yra

Radiosonde U3350629 recovered by HP9000

Weg gesperrt durch Sondenschnur. [via]

Radiosonde W1420832 recovered by TTGO6

Radiosonde V3730660 recovered by

In the high gras behind a farmhouse in a meadow [via]

Radiosonde W1651022 recovered by HA5SZI

Árpa tábla szélén vasúti sínek mellett. Szenzor megsérült, unwinderen fele madzag rajta maradt. [via]

Radiosonde W0920595 recovered by KD5GIV

Drove in an found on the ground behind a roll of trees.

Radiosonde W0131197 recovered by K5RWK

K5RWK Field Day balloon chase! Recovery team consisted of KI1TEN (recovery specialist), KJ5DIF (recovery specialist), K5SUS (cheerleader), KN5EE (mechanical support), KI5PXG (driver, performance coach), and KE5GDB (emotional support).

Radiosonde V2350479 recovered by EDDB

Sonde 15 meters high in the tree chute was on the ground in the scrub. [via]

Radiosonde V2411389 recovered by EDDB

Sonde well hidden 20 meters high in an oak tree chute not found only few parts of the balloon found. [via]

Radiosonde V2350563 recovered by EDDB

Sonde on the ground on a tree with a lot of line chute not found. [via]

Radiosonde 17008549 recovered by EDDB

Sonde was on the railway embankment chute not found. [via]

Radiosonde T3331103 recovered by EDDB

Sonde on tree trunk 4 meters high with a lot of line chute not found. [via]

Radiosonde V3640935 recovered by EDDB

Sonde was on the ground chute not found. [via]

Radiosonde U1320258 recovered by EDDB

Sonde 10 meters high in tree chute 25 meters high in treetop very transparent. [via]

Radiosonde W1651032 recovered by HA7WDD

On the field! [via]

Radiosonde W1651040 recovered by HA7WDD

On the field! [via]

Radiosonde 23063917 recovered by Moe

Right on trail in woods, dangling a couple feet off ground. Almost missed it until we turned around and saw it dangling

Radiosonde V1050966 recovered by DG7VM

Im Weinberg am Boden. Schnur lang gestreckt über die Rebreihen, Fallschirm und winziger Ballonrest in einer Rebpflanze. Alles geborgen. [via]

Radiosonde 23068768 recovered by KB9UZA

parachute totally covered by sand.

Radiosonde 23074481 recovered by KB9UZA

military area was open today, so got it.

Radiosonde J3253715 recovered by IZ0LRJ

Ritrovata sulla spiaggia di Pescia Romana (VT) [via]

Radiosonde W1926588 recovered by SP3W

Leżała na polu w zbożu [via]

Radiosonde 24000067 recovered by Chase_At_11AM

Found 550m out in a soybean field near a solar array.

Radiosonde W1230298 recovered by Pando7 SR71

Rapsfeldlandung alles geborgen , schönes Sondensuchertreffen mit Pando7 [via]

Radiosonde V2840125 recovered by IZ0RIN

Sonda in un campo completamente di pallone e paracadute. Grazie a indicazioni Pietro PIRS Italia [via]