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Radiosonde V2440123 recovered by DB7XO

Gestreckte Wiesenlandung, alles geborgen. [via]

Radiosonde U3411107 recovered by Ballone

Im letzten Baum am Waldrand gelandet, alles geborgen [via]

Radiosonde T3041031 recovered by s57ajj & S57PTD


Radiosonde T3041032 recovered by s57ajj & S57PTD

V gozdu [via]

Radiosonde U4954804 recovered by Vk5dmr

Short walk into paddock. Very friendly farmer.

Radiosonde 304-2-03706 recovered by F6EUZ


Radiosonde V4150739 recovered by Ferra

Recuperado en perfecto estado copa de un arbol

Radiosonde 23059872 recovered by Daphne

While I was (relatively) close by after recovering 2306024, I figured I would stop by and see if this one was still here - and it was! 16 days in the sun started discoloring the chute and balloon, and the sonde has water damage/ingress and won't power on. Property owner was kind enough to let me look for it, and said the field had just been fertilized Saturday. I found tire tracks about 8' from the sonde, but somehow they either missed seeing it or they ignored it. Final spot was 102' from predicted landing spot, at 35.8192831, -85.0208377. Pretty neat!

Radiosonde 23060247 recovered by Daphne

Wanting to go on an adventure (and waste perfectly good gas), took on the extremely difficult task of recovering this one today. 3 mile drive in on rough dirt/gravel road, then spent about an hour getting it out of a tall pine tree. In hindsight - probably should have passed on this one, but it made for an interesting day!

Radiosonde 312-2-00549 recovered by SP7PLE

Na przecince posprzatane [via]

Radiosonde V2431231 recovered by VK3TAP

Dense fern trees lots of logs, one leech
Recovered sonde on ground reflector on fern tree

Radiosonde V3632760 recovered by Marunio45

Spadochron nieotwarty. Wszystko ładnie posprzątane przy samej drodze upadek. [via]

Radiosonde 23065657 recovered by EVAN

Found floating in the ocean on the east coast of Florida on Melbourne Beach.

Radiosonde U3250080 recovered by DM7RM

Sonde knapp 2m im Baum hängend. Fallschirm und Ballonrest in 20m nach Schnurriss verblieben. [via]

Radiosonde U3230833 recovered by DM7RM

Feldlandung. [via]

Radiosonde V2851192 recovered by GORR

Atterrata 14/04/24 presso Sergnano CR - recupera velocissimo Cobra 11 per GORR - un cordiale 73 al collega I29662CR che è arrivato tardi ma ham spirit a S 9+40 [via]

Radiosonde U2221335 recovered by EDDB

Only completely destroyed sonde found. [via]

Radiosonde U3360276 recovered by EDDB

Sonde on the ground cute 15 meters high on the tree trunk recovered. [via]

Radiosonde P3440681 recovered by EDDB

Only sonde found slightly destroyed. [via]

Radiosonde U3360267 recovered by EDDB

Sonde and cute on the ground. [via]

Radiosonde S0410183 recovered by EDDB

Everything on the ground sonde well destroyed. [via]

Radiosonde V2831501 recovered by Moe

Tried to tag, but wouldn’t do to internet and program crashes. Flew drone, found on edge of pond, with parachute on land. Asked farmer for permission, he said it was okay. Easy recovery, no water damage.

Radiosonde 312-2-00557 recovered by Ares

Znaleziona [via]

Radiosonde 304-2-04872 recovered by F1FBT

récupère par F1FBT +SWL Didier dépollution total au sol dans les bois

Radiosonde U2120711 recovered by S56CIM & S56FEJ

Brez padala in balona [via]