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mow mow mow

@vk3fur This is a notification


(via WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2,qAR,VK3OU-10 using APRSdroid)

The CO2 is 503.0

My little takahē instance is ticking along nicely. Thought about building one of my bots out but not really feeling like being responsible for it so holding off for now.

I am once again surprised at how well Fedi is holding up to yet more people moving from the Birdsite.

Turns out furries and trans girls really do know how to operate the internet competently.

Apparently it’s 8 years today since I discovered that adding googly eyes to the tap on a wine box makes it look like Shaun the Sheep.

>.> 17 people following my test instance

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meow 2


do images work?

This is a test